Here’s what some of our audience and authors, have commented about us:

  • ‘Thank you so much for last night. It was fabulous. I really enjoyed it and thought Helen Dunmore the most fascinating author. I can’t wait for more!’ Alexandra Dunnett, Wherwell Book Club
  • ‘It was great fun, what a nice crowd.’ Marina Lewycka, author of A SHORT HISTORY OF TRACTORS IN UKRAINIAN
  • ‘Literary festivals can be a lowering experience for a writer, at least for a writer unblessed by bestsellerdom. The first event I did at a Major Festival brought home to me the fact that most of the (small) audience hadn’t read my book – which I had expected. By the end of the event I was pretty sure that the interviewer hadn’t read it either – which I had not. Books at the Barn was both unusual and gratifying in that most of the audience had read the book and showed strong evidence of wanting to be there. They were attentive, they responded to Louisa’s convivial line of questioning, and they asked good questions of their own. It was a stimulating hour, and it passed in a flash. I even managed to sell a few books. But that wasn’t why I enjoyed it. What made it worthwhile was the feeling that you’d met people who had really engaged with something you’d written. For many writers, including myself, that’s a feeling you would make a journey for.’  Anthony Quinn, author of HALF OF THE HUMAN RACE
  • ‘Thank you for organising such a great event with Rachel Joyce. We had a really enjoyable evening and can’t wait for the next one. It’s really good to have Books at the Barn on our doorstep.’  Jane Cranfield, Upper Clatford Book Club
  • ‘We all really enjoyed last night and look forward to more Books at the Barn events.’  Annie Mihell, Hurstbourne Tarrant Book Club
  • ‘It was a lovely evening: such a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I’ll definitely be coming again.’  Jane Bowen, Goodworth Clatford Book Club
  • ‘Your group was lovely and interactive and we really enjoyed doing the presentation.’ Naella Grew and Janey Downshire, Teenagers Translated,